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More than 500 consumers have already tried SnapDragon® in our farmgate sales. Over 50% of the testing people wanted to buy Snap Dragon® and actively asked for it.
The Monster Crunch is unique!

We, Exklusive Hofsorten GmbH, have acquired the exclusive marketing and cultivation rights for the farmgate sales of SnapDragon® brand in Germany.

About us ...


Georg Boekels

I am a master gardener and manage a 17 hectar fruit farm with direct marketing together with my son Christian. A large selection of apple varieties is very important to me, because every customer is looking for something special.


Roland Schmitz-Hübsch

I am a fruit grower in the 4th generation. We run a 35 hectar pome and stone fruit farm between Cologne and Bonn. We sell our entire production ex farm to end consumers.

I am happy that the Exklusive Hofsorten GmbH, allows me to test new, interesting varieties for my farm-gate marketing. A lot of work goes into it, but the customers are enthusiastic about the many new varieties that we can give them to taste. And with the right new variety, I achieve added value and a unique selling point for my farm-gate marketing.

Herbert Knuppen

Breeders and licensors often do not approach direct marketing fruit growers because they have no insight into the "scene" and do not know the value and market power of German direct marketing. They lack an adequate contact person. As former managing director of the fruit-growing section of the Federal Fruit Association and as variety manager of several club varieties, I know the side of the breeders, the marketers and the fruit growers. Through my many years experience in various functions in the fruit growing industry - both nationally and internationally - I see myself as a suitable contact person and ally between breeders and the directly marketing fruit growing companies.

Sophie Horstink

Daughter of a fruit grower in "de Achterhoek" north of Arnhem. I studied business administration and agri-food business and work on the family farm with farm-gate marketing. www.fruitbedrijfhorstink.nl

We are the test farm for new varieties of Exklusive Hofsorten GmbH in the Netherlands. We let taste all varieties directly by our customers. I am your contact for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Mobile: +31-6-23478965


Kundenstimmen ...

Roland S-H.


Der Endverbraucher, also unser Kunde, steht bei neuen Sorten immer im Mittelpunkt.

Georg B.


Wir brauchen neue Sorten in der Ab Hof Vermarktung, die sich von der Masse abheben.

Gunter R.


Ich finde es super was ihr macht - das ist weltweit einzigartig!

Claudia R.


Es ist wichtig, unabhängig von Züchtern Sorten auszusuchen. So bleibt man erfolgreich!

Jetzt exklusive Hofsorten sichern für eine reiche Ernte!

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